Armenia day 2 – Yerevan, Cafesjian Center, brandy factory

Armenia day 2 – Cafesjian Art Center and Yerevan Cascade hill, Noy Ararat brandy factory tour, KFC, Yerevan or Erevan parks and statues, Armenian railways.

Top of Cascades Cafesjian view of Yerevan Mt Ararat

866 - The top of the Cascades Cafesjian Art Center, swimmer statues, view of Yerevan City and Mt Ararat in the background.


  • The Cafesjian Arts Center and Yerevan Cascade is a collection of statues and art galleries on several levels, under a staircase built on the side of a hill. A very cool idea. At the top you get great views of Yerevan and Mt Ararat. If you see nothing else in Yerevan, go and see this place at least.
  • I have learnt the Armenian word for beer (aikakan for future reference), so it’s no longer difficult to prevent dehydration in the hot weather.
  • I joined a Russian speaking tour group for the booze trip around the brandy factory tour. I understood nothing of course but the brandy still tasted good.
  • I may well have drunk the most expensive drink in my life – a sample of 90 year old brandy. The bottles are normally sold at auction for $1000-$6000 each. Each bottle contains about 20 shots so that works out to $50-$300 per shot!?
  • The hostel installed an airconditioning unit in my room today (no, they didn’t tell me to open the window, it really was a proper airconditioning unit), so I can’t complain about that anymore. Although the controls are in Russian, so I did manage to freeze my snot before I figured out how to adjust the temperature.

Photos of Yerevan (Erevan) city

Abovyan Street, Yerevan, northern end

750 - Abovyan Street, Yerevan, northern end

Abovyan or Teryan St Yerevan

754 - Abovyan or Teryan St Yerevan, and an advertisement for silly hats and false moustaches, or for a men's hair salon.

Yerevan building half demolished

768 - It's not a great start to the day when you come back from your morning stroll and find half your hotel has fallen down.

Yerevan park and statues

771 - Yerevan park with statues of the Olympic mixed arrow catching team of 1924. Maybe.

Yerevan statue of letters

780 - A statue made of the letter B in different languages. Brought to you by Sesame Street.

Armpress shop in Yerevan

781 - An armpress shop. Armenian arms get wrinkled because of the heat so they get them pressed every now and then.

Cafesjian Art Center Cascades staircase Yerevan

785 - The Cascades staircase, or Cafesjian Art Center. The art galleries are under the stairs, so is an escalator. The green bits are not the stairs, they're small gardens. The whole structure is bigger than it looks.

Gazelles statue Cafesjian Cascades Yerevan

797 - Leaping gazelles statue at Cafesjian Cascades in Yerevan.

Cascades tier Cafesjian Art Center Yerevan

798 - One of the tiers on the Cascades staircase at Cafesjian Art Center Yerevan.

Underneath Cascades Cafesjian Art Center Yerevan

803 - Underneath the first tier of the Cascades Cafesjian Art Center Yerevan. There are five?

Cascades Cafesjian Art Center Yerevan statue

815 - statue at Cascades Cafesjian Art Center Yerevan, made of used car tires and stainless steel.

Top of escalators Cafesjian Art Center Cascades Yerevan

830 - At the top of the escalators of the Cafesjian Art Center Cascades Yerevan. No of course I didn't run or walk up. What, you think I'm mad!?

Mt Ararat and swimmers statue Cascades Cafesjian Yerevan

835 - A hazy view of Mt Ararat, and statues of swimmers at the top of the Cascades Cafesjian Yerevan.

KFC Usanoghakan Park, Yerevan, near Yeritasardakan metro station

869 - KFC in Usanoghakan Park, Yerevan. Nice. Near Yeritasardakan metro station. Haven't seen a McDonald's though.

Usanoghakan Park Yerevan, between Isahakyan and Moskovyan St

874 - Usanoghakan Park Yerevan, between Isahakyan St and Moskovyan St.

Usanoghakan Park lake Yerevan

877 - Yerevan - Usanoghakan Park lake with boats and cafes.

Square of France park and statue Yerevan

883 - Square of France Yerevan, park, statue and artists selling their paintings.

Almost a Picasso painting exhibition in Yerevan Armenia

890 - Almost a Picasso painting exhibition in Yerevan Armenia

Argo Cafe, K Demirtchyan Ave, Yerevan

894 - Some of the parks and cafes look a bit dilapidated. Argo Cafe, Yerevan, K Demirtchyan Ave, near Central Post Office.

Yerevan pedestrian tunnel from end Buzand St to Paronyan St

898 - pedestrian tunnel in Yerevan, at end of Buzand St, to Paronyan St. Refreshingly cool in summer.

Yerevan city drinking water fountains

903 - There are drinking water fountains scattered throughout Yerevan city. These are some of the fancier ones. At least I hope it was drinking water ...

Yerevan central railway station

907 - Yerevan central railway station. Near K H Abovyan Children's Park. But it's not really the main railway station.

Yerevan to Moscow express train

930 - Yerevan to Moscow express train.

St Hovhannes church, Yerevan

944 - St Hovhannes church, Yerevan. No, it's not particularly spectacular but I sweated a bucket walking up the hill to get there, and almost got attacked by a snarling rabid dog, so a perfunctory ooh or aah would be appreciated.

Cafe and park area V Sargsyan St Republic Square Yerevan

949 - Cafe and park area between V Sargsyan (Sarkissian) St and V Sargsyan St, both off Republic Square. There are more cafes per square km in Yerevan than there are square km per square km.

Boat statue in the English Park, Yerevan

959 - Boat statue in the English Park, Yerevan.

Alexander Aleksandr Myasnikyan monument Yerevan

967 - Alexander Aleksandr Myasnikyan monument - Yerevan City. On Grigor Lusavorich Street.

Noy Ararat factory brandy display

981 - A cabinet full of Armenian brandy in the Noy Ararat factory, which is different from the Ararat brand, as I discovered when I thought I went to the Ararat factory (which is not far away - across the Haghtanak Bridge).

Very old brandy in the Noy Ararat brandy museum

002 - Very old brandy in the Noy Ararat brandy museum.

Noy Ararat brandy cellar

038 - Down in the Noy Ararat brandy cellar or dungeons. Turn right to go through the underground tunnel to the American Embassy apparently ... 9km away.

Yerevan City History Museum

053 - The Yerevan City History Museum (only the front bit), opposite the Noy Ararat brandy factory. The large rear section is the Ministry of parks, statues, and brandy. An interesting museum, not large, but worth a visit.

Cafe in Usanoghakan Park

083 - Cafe in Usanoghakan Park.


  • 742 – The hostel has a pleasant, peaceful front garden. Well, the building has. On the other side of the fence is an unpleasant noisy motorway.
  • 969 – Yerevan cannons require a naive Kiwi to hold the back end down when they’re fired.
  • 970 – I found Noah! In the cognac factory of all places – there was an explanation … in Russian. The wall hanging is because Noah planted the first vine after the flood (I’m not making that up – there was a sign in the cognac factory museum that said that).
  • 017 – Mr Bean gets busted by security camera trying to steal a cask of brandy.
  • 049 – The brandy tasting room.
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