Armenia day 3 – Yerevan Bus Tour, Materandan book museum, Cafesjian Art Center, Russian Art Gallery

Armenia day 3 – Yerevan Bus Tour, Materandan book museum, Cafesjian Art Center, Russian Art Gallery.

Another hot sunny day in Yerevan (Erevan). Fantastic weather but yes, very warm during the day. Visits included Yerevan City Bus Tour (double-decker big bus tour), Matenadaran old books collection, Cascades Cafesjian art galleries, Russian Art Gallery.

Cascades Cafesjian Art Center view from the Studio Cafe, Yerevan

300 - The Studio Cafe overlooking the Cascades Cafesjian Art Center.

The Big Bus Tour of Yerevan takes you through central Yerevan, past the brandy factories, up to the Armenian Genocide Museum, past several other Yerevan sights and monuments, up to the top of the Cascades, and back into the center near the Yerevan Opera House. A great way to orient yourself and get a bit of commentary about Yerevan.

The Matenadaran is the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts with a very large collection of old books and bits of paper, although you don’t get to see all of them but it’s still worth a visit – one of the more popular sights to see in Yerevan.

Had my first encounter with the Armenian police force when jay-walking across a road. I wondered why I hadn’t seen many people do that. I got redirected to a pedestrian crossing without interrogation, fine, or a jail sentence. But he did give me a stern frown and a blast of the police siren.


Yerevan Big Bus City Tour and railway station statue

149 - Yerevan, feel the warmness on a hot summer day - Big Bus City Tour and statue outside railway station

Hrazdan River gorge and Yerevan apartment buildings

102 - The Hrazdan River gorge on the west side of Yerevan, some apartment buildings, and a church.

Ararat brandy factory, Yerevan, Armenia

119 - The real, original, genuine Ararat brandy factory, around the corner and over the bridge from the Noy Ararat brandy factory.

Yerevan suburbs from the big bus tour

122 - Yerevan suburbs from the big bus tour

Noy Ararat brandy factory, Yerevan

123 - Noy Ararat brandy factory, Yerevan

Yerevan center road sign in English, Russian, and Armenian

134 - Yerevan center road sign - now you can spell Center in English, Russian, and Armenian.

Yerevan main railway station

143 - Yerevan main railway station

Palm tree Lada taxi in Yerevan, Armenia

145 - Palm tree Lada taxi and buses in Yerevan, Armenia

House of Chess in Yerevan

191 - House of Chess in Yerevan

Marshrutkas in Yerevan

232 - Marshrutkas in Yerevan waiting for you ... or a mechanic in one case

Matenadaran front door

254 - Matenadaran book museum front door, Yerevan

More Matenadaran photos

More Cascades Cafesjian Art Center photos

Russian Art Gallery photos and post to be added

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