Cascade Yerevan

Yerevan Cascade complex or monument is a structure built into the side of a hill in the northern part of Yerevan city (Erevan). The Cascades has steps and art displays on the outside, the Cafesjian Art Center Museum underneath, and a statue garden at the bottom.

Cascade Yerevan at night

105 - Cascade Yerevan and Cafesjian Art Center at night

  • Good place for a bit of exercise – run up and down all the stairs a couple of times to earn yourself a trip to KFC for a calorie refill (yes, there is one in Yerevan).
  • Escalators operate inside the structure if you’re lazy, but only from 0800-2000 (no charge to use them).
  • Good views of Mt Ararat and Yerevan City from the top.
  • The structure has several terraces with fountains, water features, statues, and art galleries as part of the Cafesjian Art Center.
  • The structure vaguely resembles what one side of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon ziggurat might have looked like (if you tilt your head and squint your eyes a bit). Unknown if the Hanging Gardens of Armenia or Hanging Gardens of Yerevan are used as nicknames for the Cascade.
  • The concept of the Cascades was originally conceived by Alexander Tamanyan (in or around 1924?) as part of his master plan for Yerevan city. He planned a series of waterfalls and terraced gardens connecting the northern part of Yerevan with the central city area, down the side of the hill. But nothing was built.
  • In the 1970s, the structure was redesigned by Jim Torosyan, Chief Architect of Yerevan at the time, and construction started in the 1980s, but stopped after the Armenian earthquake in 1988.
  • Construction of Cascade and Cafesjian Art Center started again on 31 May 2005 (says a plaque at the top, or maybe 2002 according to some information).
  • Cascade and art center officially opened 08 Nov 2009.
  • A museum is planned at the top but construction has not been completed (and looks like it has stalled).
Cascade Yerevan ziggurat terraces and gardens

789 - Cascade Yerevan ziggurat terraces and gardens

Yerevan Cascade internal escalators

805 - Yerevan Cascade internal escalators from entrance foyer

Yerevan Cascade terrace with fish statue

808 - Yerevan Cascade terrace with fish statue

Yerevan Cascade Mt Ararat view from top

866 - Yerevan Cascade Mt Ararat view from top terrace

Yerevan city at night from top of Cascade

156 - Yerevan city at night and statue garden from top of Cascade

Yerevan Cascade museum construction site

221 - Yerevan Cascade museum construction site at the top


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