Parks in Yerevan

List of public parks in Yerevan city (Erevan). Best places to go for cafes and restaurants in parks are the Yerevan Opera House area and Usanoghakan Park (not so far from the Opera House). V Sargsyan St south-west of Republic Square is also quite pleasant.

Central city area of Yerevan (mostly within the Circular Boulevard area).

  • Azatutyan Square (Azatutian Sq) – Yerevan Opera House, cafes, Swan Lake.
  • Cafesjian Art Center and Cascades – not really a park but a pleasant place to walk through, and great views of Yerevan night or day if you walk up the Cascades (or take the escalators if you’re lazy).
  • Children’s Park between Zakyan St and Beirut St – a few playground rides but not all (or none) are operating? Lots of trees, pleasant to walk through.
  • Circular Boulevard Park (or whatever it’s called) is a semicircle on the east side of Yerevan City. From Zoravar Andranik metro station and St Grigor Lusavoritch Cathedral south of Republic Square, almost to the Opera House, France Square, and Cafesjian Cascades on the north side of Yerevan central city area. The park area is between Khanjian Street (Khanjyan St) and A. Manoogian St (A. Manukyan St) in the south-east, and between Moskovian (Moskovyan) St and Issahakian (Isahakyan) St in the north-east of the central city area of Yerevan. Contains Yeritasardakan metro station (north), Usanoghakan Park (north), St Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral (south), Lunapark (south), Yeritasardakan Park (south), House of Chess (east), Ararat Tennis Club (east), Komitas Chamber Music Hall (north), Getar River (or canal?).
  • English Park – not as exciting as it sounds. Corner of Italy St and Grigor Lusavorich St, south-west of Republic Square.
  • K Demirtchyan Ave – some cafes
  • Lunapark – children’s fairground rides in the Yeritasardakan Park area
  • Republic Square – not a park but there are fountains and lots of people ambling about in the evenings.
  • Russian Square – not much of a park, mostly green grass area between Beirut St and Italy St.
  • Square of France – artists and painters selling paintings
  • Usanoghakan Park – great place to stroll through and find a comfortable cafe or bar to relax in.
  • V. Sargsyan Street (V. Sarkissian St) – two roads south-east of Republic Square with park between them – cafes, restaurants, bars, and a few fountains to make you want to pee.
  • Yeritasardakan Park (St Grigor Lusavorich Cathedral)

Parks not named?

  • From Nalbandyan St to Khanjyan St, between Aram St and Buzand St. Part park, part Vernissage?
  • Observatory park, next to Central Library? North-east of Yeritasardakan metro station, between Teryan St and Abovian St.

Greater Yerevan area, parks, squares, and green spots or areas

  • Abovyan Public Garden – northeast
  • Aqua Park – between the zoo and the botanical park
  • Arabkir Park – northwest, Hrazdan River
  • Arabkir Park – north, small, between Komitas Ave and Zarian St
  • Botanical Park Yerevan – northeast, Yerevan-Sevan Garni Geghard highway (Miasnikian Ave)
  • Children’s Park and Railway – KH Abovyan? West, Hrazdan River
  • Dalma Park (Parks of Dalma, Delma?) – west, large, Artsakh War Arch of Victory
  • Garegin Njdeh Square – southwest,¬†Garegin Njdeh metro station
  • Haghtanak Park – north, Mother Armenia War Museum, Golden Palace Hotel
  • Khaghaghutyan Park – between the zoo and the botanical park.
  • Komitas Pantheon – and observatory, south, along Arshakuniats Ave
  • Play City – not a park, an amusement and entertainment complex, but it’s colored green on the map. Next to (north side) the botanical park.
  • Siraharneri Park – northwest, Marshal Baghramyan (Baghramian) metro station, near House of Parliament, Presidential Residence, National Academy of Sciences.
  • Tumaniyan Park (Tumanyan, Tumanian) – northwest, Hrazdan River
  • Tsitsernakaberd Park – west, Tsitsernakaberd Memorial and Armenian Genocide Museum
  • V. Zatikyan Park (Zatikian) – west, small, fairground(?)
  • Vardavar Park and Vardarvar Lake – southeast
  • Yerevan Zoo -¬†northeast, Yerevan-Sevan Garni Geghard highway (Miasnikian Ave), near the Botanical Park.
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