Yerevan metro subway

Yerevan metro subway underground train public transportation system in Armenia.

The Yerevan metro system only has one line (as of 2012) with a branch to two different stations at the southern end. An extension to Zvartnots Airport is planned or under construction, and might be open in 2013 … or 2014 … or 2015 …

List of Yerevan Metro stations (from North to South)

  • Nazarbekyan (under construction)
  • Ajapniak (Ajapnyak) (under construction)
  • Barekamutiun
  • Marshal Baghramyan
  • Yeritasardakan
  • Hanrapetutian Hraparak
  • Zoravar Andranik
  • Sasuntsi Davit
  • Gortsaranain
  • Shengavit
  • Charbakh (one branch) or Garegin Nzhdeh (other branch)
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