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Zvartnots International Airport (EVN) Yerevan public transport connections and transfers – bus, metro, taxi, train prices, routes, timetables. Most convenient option (and not too expensive) is the Aero Taxi service.Getting to and from Zvartnots International Airport (airport code EVN) from Yerevan city. Airport is about 15 km from city center?

Public bus routes – all unconfirmed, seen in various sources. Allow about $1 for one-way trip (AMD 400), you’ll probably get change (the smaller minibuses or marshrutkas cost about $0.25-$0.50 or AMD 100-200?). Assume buses only run daytime and evening, although airport operates 24 hrs. If arriving at unsociable hours, taxi seems to be the only public transport option. Bus timetable information not found. Opera House area is a central destination where a large number of buses converge?

  • 39 (N39) – goes to Opera House?
  • 97 (N97) – minibus, operates 0400-2100?
  • 107 (N107) – goes to Opera House? Operates 0700-2100 (or maybe 0800-2100), every 20 mins, takes about 30 mins to get to center. Fare AMD500?
  • 108 (N108) – goes to city center? Fare AMD500?
  • 201 (N201) – goes to corner of Sayat-Nova Rd and Mashtots Rd?

Taxi – various taxi services operate from metered cabs to private cars touting for business.

  • Aero Taxi – airport taxi service (started in 2010), metered, comfortable, convenient, operates 24 hrs. If pre-booked, your name is displayed on a large screen at arrivals, after customs. Best option to save hassle. Fares are AMD 400 (flagfall) + AMD 250 / km so city center trip should be about AMD 4,000 ($10) (if prices aren’t too out of date). Destinations outside Yerevan cost AMD 600 (flagfall) + AMD 200 per km. Tel +374-55-319050 or +374-10-771100 to make a booking. Email info@aerotaxi.am, website www.aerotaxi.am (where you can make an online booking).
  • Other companies, negotiate price or use meter.
  • Private cars and touts – you shouldn’t pay more than AMD 4,000 ($10) for a trip to the center, otherwise you might as well just take a metered airport taxi. But the touts might try to get AMD 10,000 ($25) out of you at first. Depending on time of day and negotiation skills, you could get it down to AMD 3,000 ($7.50) or perhaps even AMD 2,000 ($5). Further out of the center will cost more but should still be less than AMD 4,000-8,000 ($10-$20). Be prepared for drivers trying to rip you off, sell you tours, and all the usual nonsense you get with unlicensed cabbies at airports around the world.

Yerevan Metro – planned extension or new metro line to airport? Comment seen, source unknown. Might be referring to a train link under consideration or development.

Train – no train service to or from airport … yet. But one is planned, 7.8 km long. A summary of information from various news reports and press releases is …

  • 24 May 2012 - Director General of South Caucasus Railways (SCR), Viktor Rebets, said a commuter train link between Charbakh station on the Yerevan Metro and Zvartnots Airport would be built within a year (is May 2013 too optimistic for completion given what was reported on 15 May 2012?).
  • 15 May 2012? – the chief engineer of South Caucasus Railways (SRS), Sergey Harutyunian, said to reporters that a railway line construction from Charbakh Metro station in Yerevan to Zvartnots International Airport would take 2-3 years.
  • 04 May 2012? – a Memorandum of Intent for the construction of a railway line to Zvartnots International Airport was signed by Viktor Rebets (CEO of South Caucasus Railways), Manuk Vardanyan (Minister of Transport and Communications for Armenia), and Marcelo Wende (General Manager of Armenia International Airports).
  • 21 December 2011 – a train link with the Yerevan Metro was announced by the Armenian Communications and Transport Minister, Manuk Vardanian, to be used for passengers and freight.
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